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Please read all information carefully before purchasing a bag.

Taxes are shown in check out for EU and UK customers. Payment will be taken immediately. Bags will ship in February 2022. Please follow me on Twitter @ohayouclothing so you can stay up to date with the bags and their progress!

  • Please do not purchase other products with your pre-order. You can purchase as many bags as you like in one order, but if you would like other products from Ohayou!, please place a separate order.
  • I need to meet a quota for each design, so please do not ask for a refund if you cannot wait. Please only back the project if you are 100% sure you want a bag!
  • Bags measure roughly 32cm tall, 24cm wide and 10cm deep.

Animal Friends Itabags are are made of faux fur and vegan leather with embroidered details. I decided to use sewn-on details and embroidery instead of printing to create a longer lasting design. There is one large compartment with a smaller zipped compartment for storing smaller items, such as cash, medication or any other items that are prone to getting lost in the main compartment.

Once the mass production is completed, the bags will be sent to the warehouse in Shenzen. The shipping addresses are then sent to the warehouse staff, where they will begin to fulfil rewards! We believe bags should be shipped by February 2022, but delays can occur and it could be potentially longer. 

You can clean your bag by using a baby wipe or makeup wipe. Please do not put your bag in the washing machine. Your bag will be fine on a light rainy day but please refrain from taking it camping where it will get dirty or shoving it in a school locker everyday, so it can look its best!

Your bag will stay clean as long as you take care of it.
You can use the bag as either a shoulder bag or a backpack. The bags are a bit too bulky for use as a crossbody bag. They should fit an iPad but not a surface pro. The bags come with two straps and one insert. 


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