Why Use a Fulfillment Centre?

Back in 2019, I had a really successful crowdfunding campaign to fund my Bird Itabag designs. I thought I could handle the 3000+ backpacks sent to my home, but I was wrong. Very wrong!

The fulfillment centre allows Ohayou! to stock and ship the bags using a team of staff, rather than just one girl (me) in her home doing everything herself.

You can also purchase stock that I have in my home in the UK, over at www.ohayou.co.uk

What's an Itabag?

An Itabag (ee-tah bag) usually features a clear vinyl pocket for showing off something you love. Originally from Japan, itabags were a way to show a "painful" dedication to a favourite fictional character or celebrity, due to how heavy the bags would be from all of the merchandise displayed in them.

Now they are popular all over the globe - and many people like to show off their enamel pin collections in them. It's up to you what you do with yours!

Ohayou! Itabags aren't available anywhere else, and I am constantly creating new designs.

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